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Tenvis Iprobot 3 is an indoor wireless IP Camera. The plug and play (PnP) function makes it outstanding among network IP Cameras. Different from complicatedly setting up Wifi network and WLAN network, the PnP camera let’s manage all the things in minutes, just like taking a cup of coffee. This feature would be attractive for people who has little knowledge on network setting and who has lost in the installation process.

The Tenvis Iprobot 3 is also a megapixel IP Camera with high definition. The image quality has 1 mega pixels, while the video resolution is up to 1280*720(720P). These factors make the monitoring experience better. And it also supports both H.264 and MJPEG video compression technology for choice.

Key Features

  • Easy to SetupEasy to Setup

    The Plug and Play IP camera does not require any confusing installtion process by setting network paramerters. All you need to do is plugin the charger and login your account, and you will see the live video stream anytime andwhere.

  • 1 Mega Pixel/HD 720P Resolution1 Mega Pixel/HD 720P Resolution

    The camera has 1 megapixel lens providing up to 720P(1080*720) high definition resolution video, as well as excellent image clarity.

  • h.264 video compressionH.264 Video Compression

    The cutting edge H.264, real-time video compression could efficiently save your bandwidth and local disc storage, with high video and picture quality preserved.

  • two way audioTwo way Audio

    The built in speaker and microphone enables you easily talk with the people, pets or some other in monitor.

  • Free DDNSFree DDNS for Remote Surveillance

    Embedded free DDNS service for your remote access when your are away from home. You just need to do port forwarding following the router manual or instructions of technical support.

  • iPhone-AndroidiPhone/Android Compatible

    You can view your live video stream via iPhone/iPad, or Android Phone like Samsung, HTC and etc, besides of classic PC web browser or IP Monitor software.

  • IR CutIR Cut Filter

    Automatically turn on Infrared filter during the day to filter IR light. Make daylight video more realistic and vivid.

  • High SecurityHigh Security

    It supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption that could totally protect your privacy. In addition, it provides three level user entrance restrictions with password.

  • motion-detect-iconMotion Detection

    Smart cameras trigger an instant alert once motion is detected. A series of consecutive pictures will be sent to your specified email addresses or FTP servers.

  • pan/tilt functionPan/Tilt Function

    Supports 300 degrees pan and 170 degrees tilt function and up to 12 position pre-setting, which efficiently enlarge your watching areas and enable you quickly return to the specific area.

Package Includes

  • Tenvis IPRobot3 IP Camera ×1
  • Wi-Fi Antenna ×1
  • Power Supply ×1
  • User Manual ×1
  • Mounting Bracket ×1
  • Some Screws

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Tenvis IPRobot3 Specification

Catalogue Type Parameters
Image Sensor Image Sensor 1/4 Color CMOS
Total of pixel 1 Mega Pixels
Lens 4.2 mm
Infrared LEDs 10PCS ø4.5
Nigh Vision 12 M
AWS/AGC/AES/ exposure Auto
Mini. Illumination 0.1Lux
Audio Audio Two-way audio
Input Built-in speaker
Output Built-in Microphone
Video Image Format PAL/NTSC
Image Compression H.264 and M-JPEG
Image Frame Rate 30fps
Resolution 1280x720(720P),640×480(VGA), 320×240(QVGA)
Remote transmission Support NAS
Privacy mask Protect privacy areas
PTZ Pan/Tilt Horizontal 270°; Vertical 90°
ZOOM 5X digital ZOOM
Network Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Alarm Motion Detection Send image pictures to Email/FTP within the Provided time
General SD Card 32GB SD card slot
Friendly use Plug and Play function
User Authentication Authentication: user/password; administrator/general user
Web browser IE 6.0 or above version, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome ,etc
Mobile view Support Symbian, Android, Iphone and other smart mobile phone, Iphone push
Power DC 5V 2.0A
Power consumption 6W/4W (Infrared on/off)
Operating temperature -10 to+55 °C
Storage temperature -20 to+60 °C
Operating humidity 20- 80%RH
Storage humidity 20- 95%RH
Dimensions 200mm x120mm x180mm(Lx W x H)
Net Weight Net Weight 600g(Main body)
Certification Certification CE; FCC; RoHS
Warranty Warranty Warranty

Service Guarantee

We guarantee that the camera you bought from IPCameraLand or our authorized dealers are 100% functional, or we will issue you an immediate replacement. Besides, all the cameras are covered by 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. We assure 365 days return policy and 15 days refund, buyer pays the return shipping fee. The IPCameraLand warranty is only available to users who purchase directly from www.ipcameraland.com using our online checkout system. Protect yourself by purchasing only through the links on this page.

Technical Support

IPCameraLand offers free support for the setup and installation of your wireless IP camera. This free support service is available only to customers who purchase directly through our website (www.ipcameraland.com). Our technical representatives have extensive knowledge about IP camera setup, installation and any setting about the camera. They can help install and set the camera step by step. You can make everything clear by calling us 1-888-530-9912 or email.


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Tenvis IPRobot3 Plug&Play IP Camera

Free Client software amazingly enough
by earache
(Posted on 6/2/13)
Amazingly enough, the free Client software, as well as the web server software usually are not really bad. I attempted out leastways twelve other Cam application, such as best three commercial applications. I became not thankful for any one them. In reality, for which We are doing, these folks were worse. In order to define motion zones, and do true security, and then there are better apps around, though the included apps will not be to bad this time.
(0) (0)
Excellent value for money - with some caveats,
by truckboattruck
(Posted on 5/30/13)
Online interface helps you control full functionalities very simply. There are lots of features for the camera - more(a) we required for our simple baby monitoring scenario.Decent apps to overpower your camera from Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. I downloaded "Baby Monitor for IP Camera" that is free unless you require the audio support (this is added for in-app purchase). Can't talk with Android support since i have don't possess an Android device.
(0) (0)
Works great, but needs improvment...
by chiflatin
(Posted on 5/27/13)
1. Low Price
2. Able to remote-in and monitor
3. Able to record remotley
4. IR night vision

1. Slow frame rate (1-3 fps) while remote-in
2. Unable to zoom in/out
3. Time and Date stamp never sticks
4. Shows incorrect Date/Time stamp on recorded video
5. Manual needs updating
(0) (0)
Works Beautifully,
by Louiery (Posted on 5/26/13)
The infrared is extremely good, obvious within our nursery. The glow on the red lights round the camera usually do not manage to bother her or prevent her from drifting off to sleep. It truly is ten times superior to any baby monitoring system my girlfriends use. After I prove to them the clarity in the picture, to merely accurately where you should buy cause their sold. Happy monitoring!
(0) (0)
Already bought 3 cameras
by Jess30
(Posted on 5/22/13)
I initially bought just 1 of such cameras and am very happy with it that Ive purchased 2 many might be acquiring another yearly couple weeks. Exactly what do I truly say about this? Well it will what its likely to when its designed to. Fix became a tiny pain for the reason that instructions arent super clear but Used to do have the ability to install 3 advisors and connect them a great FTP server to store images determined by location movement. Its a good camera with nice functions for a really affordable price, no problems.
(0) (0)
Good indoor IP camera
by Hubbmuscle (Posted on 5/19/13)
Excellent indoor camera for that price. Should you be considering to work with this to be a scotopic vision camera to appear via a window at night, it will not are is. It will need external lights, and since the IR lights about the camera, which defeats the goal of whatever you can be intending it for. Daytime me is crisp and clear, night time, you'll get a reflective glare in the IR within the glass, as well as blind you. The straightforward solution I put together us to show the cameras on the throughout the house, this way I'm able to view and record everything if someone else actually causes it to be at home in the evening. Indoors the night time vision is fantastic, and possesses a great viewing range.

Should you be somewhat computer smart the wireless setup is pretty easy...even with a Mac.

My only complaint is I wish they included getting some sort of IR filter for your glass.
(0) (0)
Technical support was top notch!
by Roberto
(Posted on 5/16/13)
Great camera. Reasonable price. Felix was for the better of help. He solved the problem get my camera fix wirelessly when i was running into some difficulties after which solved the problem established my camera in order that I really could can get on remotely. Great!
(0) (0)
work but not great
by pha73
(Posted on 5/15/13)
I purchased this in Dec 2012, you image quality is a great one, the sensor alarm is work good too. The one thing i could never catch on to function would be the DDNS service setting. Which means that, I never are able to use this camera as i am abroad. Something else there's no software CD including inside box, you must download it from the website.
(0) (0)
Affordable Camera!
by jenndigioia
(Posted on 5/15/13)
I believe an important feature about this camera will be the capability to keep it in check from a phone, Picture is nice while focusing is usually manually adjusted by turning the ring around and night-vision very effective.
It's amazing this all is usually configured while using camera's built-in "web server." Well I'd been very impressed.
(0) (0)
Does what it says
by MAH
(Posted on 5/6/13)
First IP Camera purchase along with the installation/setup was smooth as described. I became unable to have the DDNS setup correctly for remote viewing and reached over to IPcameraland support. They quickly responded and made it possible to assist me in setting this up correctly. I exploit this camera to watch our 2 years old who doesn't always prefer to live in her bed during the night time. There are this camera daily using different devices (iPhone, iPad, PC's). I might rate this 5 stars when the audio was decent. The audio never handled this product. Not too large of deal since we've got some other baby monitor but can be nice.

I most certainly will definitely take a look at purchasing additional cameras to make use of to evaluate entry doors of our own house.
(0) (0)
Just OK for home surveillance
by klas
(Posted on 5/1/13)
I was excited to take the package of this camera. While i opened this area, it seemed like an outstanding made cam.It turned out at the meduim of average for what are known as "HD camera".Taking into consideration the price. Just ignore by using camera when indicating from the window, if you don't squeeze tape on there. The administration menu is not bad. To watch camera in IE you will require ActiveX control, so keep surprises away here, however for Chrome/Firefox you'll need QuickTime plugin.
(0) (0)
Works just like it should
by Michael Finch
(Posted on 4/26/13)
Wireless signal is decent, figure 30' through walls in the home being max. Another larger antennae is available-for of course additional cost. 2 of 3 of these on my network are wireless, while the one 40' away is on a switch. No issues.

The camera does have an microSD slot for local recording though not something I used and can comment on.

For a camera under $100 (as of this review) , this is a great deal. No problems, great WI-FI, good daytime video, OK night video,2 way audio, sd card slot on board. Having had analog and digital cameras for over 10 years, I can say it just gets better and better and prices lower and lower. My system is up 24/7 and so far these cameras have not rebooted once, unlike my Foscam which was a daily occurrence. Can you compare these to $500 5mp cameras? Of course not. Again, expectations.
(0) (0)
Great H.264 video & features
by Lar7
(Posted on 4/26/13)
My setup consist of 8 cameras from 720P (these) to 5mp cameras costing hundreds of dollars, placement dependent on usage. Expectation is key with any purchase. These are indoor cameras.
Pulled these out of the box and had them up and running on my network through Blue Iris within 10 minutes each. Actually 5 minutes on the 3rd iprobot3 via Wi-FI. MUST be plugged into your Ethernet network first! Cannot just connect power and hope to hook it up-get realistic, you must setup your LAN and it needs and Ethernet connection for this.

1) Plug into your router via ethernet.
2) Power plug.
3) Load up the software from the enclosed CD. Use the SEARCH CAMERA function to identify your camera in your network. It will be along the lines of 192.168.x.x.x. or similar. WRITE THIS DOWN or memorize.
4) Use your browser-recommend IE. Hey, it is not my favorite browser either, however many apps just plain run better on it so no need to whine about it. Type in the network IP from above (192.x.x.x.x.). Fill in the x's! Now you can log on. ADMIN/ADMIN was my default. IE will also want to load up a few items, just click yes. These are needed for all of the functions. Once in, then you can change password, search for your Wi-FI, etc. It is VERY SIMPLE. Again, my 3rd iprobot took me 5 minutes TOPS from box to wi-fi setup.

If you want to connect remotely, you need to setup your PORT Forwarding in your router. This way you can check on your car while away, pan, zoom, tilt, etc. Even 2 way audio is pretty decent. Look, it is not going to sound like a 7.1 stereo system, the audio is clear albeit with a network delay coupled with the 4G phone delays.

Video is good and in fact better than the 720P Foscam I tested prior which had continual problems with it's firmware. Out of the box, no problems or issues. No lockups.
Using Blue Iris (paid program) , I easily converted the 720p video to MPEG-4 which is playable anywhere. I highly recommend that program. Tenvis also has an active forum on their website for any questions.
(0) (0)
Mostly works
by Beverly Hickey
(Posted on 4/24/13)
It truely does work great. I am not an actual techy type person and installed and programed it myself. The most difficult part was obtaining the camera to email a graphic when motion was detected. I finally figured out but nevertheless can't have it to email films. I get out on for 24 hours. I positiioned in beneath the front porch where weather has no effect on it by any means. We have and do recommend this camera to others.
(0) (0)
Just ignore the bad instructions
by Ole Mac
(Posted on 4/23/13)
The camera works great for the most part but has a trigger issue in a dark room it tends to every couple minutes or so click a couple times Very noticeable. Its range is fairly well mine are set about 70 feet from the router. If you are looking for color images it seems to only work well in very bright locations I need to focus closely near a light source before we get a color image.
(0) (0)
Works just like it should, great H.264 video & features
by DXH
(Posted on 4/21/13)
The device has a quality look. However I possibly could not have it to figure on WiFi that is a primary requirement. Display quality and settings were great using a wired network cable. But no WiFi.
(0) (0)
The camera is OK for the price
by Daniel E. Juraschek
(Posted on 4/18/13)
Pros - support services seems good. They taken care of immediately my emails pretty quick.
The system generally seems to try everything promised. I can tell video from the net, but unfortunately my work blocks out those streams.

Cons - hard to focus. Turn lens counter clockwise to eliminate/loosen. It had been so tight i was frightened of breaking it. Should you transform it the wrong manner, it's going to break the lens. After treatment of lens, I replaced the lock washer with teflon tape around the thread, it truely does work better since it enables you to easily focus.
I would not get perfect connections beyond the house, caused by varying online connections. In the home, it's essential mostly.
Needs time to work to tweek it.
(0) (0)
Great ip camera!
by Dave & Dessa
(Posted on 3/10/13)
I love the motion detect email alert of this camera. Set up procedures are very easy, and it is awesome to view on my phone. Highly recommend.
(0) (0)
Impressed with color and picture quality
by Terry Fedick
(Posted on 3/10/13)
The instructions for the camera are not so clear, but necessary to plug in. The video quality is perfect for daily home security. I would recommend to view on mobile devices with android APPS.
(0) (0)
Amazing product
by Joe Smith
(Posted on 2/28/13)
I received the IP camera for about 2 weeks and it is really amazing. I was able to install it and the video looks great. Thanks to all site staff.
Joe Smith, Florida.
(0) (0)
the BEST baby monitors out
by Bert S
(Posted on 2/28/13)
I bought 2 of the IP cameras to monitor my baby when travelling. Both have been great. Now I can see my daughter anywhere. Would I recommend the camera to parents? Of course!!
(0) (0)
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